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>>The 0083 colony was slowed down when it was deflected from its original
>>course toward Jaburu to its final course toward Oakley. It transits the
>>atmosphere at a near-tangent and strikes a more "grazing" blow than the
>>Sydney drop.
> Come to think of it, Delaz/Cima's fleet "bounced" 2 cylinders
>together to get one moving towards the moon, IIRC -- so what happened to the
>other cylinder? I don't think Delaz was nice enough to stop the recoiling
>cylinder, and it might be pretty impossible to do that anyway. Did it land

No, it went flying off into space.

These two colonies, Island Blade and Island Ease, were part of the second
Colony Reclamation Project, which moved depopulated but otherwise sound
space colonies from Side 4 (L5) to Side 3 (L3), like this:

                   L3 <---------------------------------- L5


But then the colonies were deflected, like this:

                   L3 +--------------------------- L5

Island Ease was deflected toward the Moon, while Island Blade went off on a
tangent away from the Earth sphere. There are some inhabited asteroids,
such as Axis, and the Jupiter Energy Fleet, but no planetary real estate is
at risk.


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