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> Okay, further questions from the 'uneducated' here. Minovsky particles are
> spread by space ships, not MS right? Wouldnt that make Earth-based warfare
> more condusive to the use of radar? Furthermore, if not radio, how do MS
> communicate w/ each other when they're not in contact, as we see them do
> repeatedly in both space and Earth? Also, while we're at it, what of the
>ability to
> tap into such communications as Gato does in 0083?

There's been long distance communications for centuries before the advent
of radio. Among the many systems are semaphore, heliograph, signal flare,
beacon, smoke signals, missile (everything from messages wrapped around the
shafts of arrows to hollow shells) and carrier pigeon. None are
susceptible to Minovsky particle interference.

While there are numerous instances of Minovsky particles being deliberately
broadcast on the battlefield to create an electronic fog, every fusion
reactor in existence uses a Minovsky containment system, the Ionescu field
(I-field), so there's always some M-particle activity in the vicinity of MS.

The "electronic fog" metaphor is actually quite apt. Like fog, the
interference becomes more apparent with distance. Two MS in close
proximity can still use radio communication, but as they get farther apart
this becomes more and more problematic until finally nothing gets through.
Similarly, radar can work at close range, but after a certain distance, you
can't track objects that are still clearly in view using optical systems.

Where M-particle concentrations are high enough to interfere with even
close range communcations, MS can communicated by direct contact -- linking
hands connects a direct comm line. In addition, the MS can fire a magnetic
coupler on the end of a cable and establish direct comm at a short distance.

There's also a laser-based communication system that operates in the
optical range and is thus unaffected by M-particles. It's line-of-sight,
however, and almost by definition extremely narrowband. This is probably
the system that Delaz co-opted in 0083, by the simple means of targeting
the receivers with a more powerful beam, presumably bounced off a series of
orbital mirrors to prevent the Federation from backtracking it to the
actual source.

I see no reason why MS couldn't use a laser signal light, both in space and
on the ground, to establish line-of-sight comm on the battlefield.

As shown in 08th MS Team, long range sensing and comm can be done using sonar.


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