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>Subject: Re: [gundam] Colony Drops and Painting Guides
>Date: Mon, 23 Aug 1999 13:05:56 EDT
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><< > Especially when the plastic is molded to be the right colors? I was
> > thinking of a few ink washes or something to bring out the
> > detail..anyone have an MS painting guide?
> How do you do an ink wash? That sounds like a great way to make panel
> lines show up. (I'm a novice painter myself...) >>
>An ink wash is a very thin wash of colors that settles into the grooves and
>crevices of a model. It is usually used for painting miniatures for RPG
>War gaming. The only thing that I would warn you is that since you aren't
>gluing, puttying, etc. the wash will probably make the seam lines stck out
>REALLY bad..

Exactly. If you plan to use an ink wash or paint wash, you need to use
filler putty and paint your model WITHOUT FAIL. Using a wash on a unfilled
model is often worse than just leaving it unfilled and not doing so.

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