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Mon, 23 Aug 1999 10:15:43 -0700

Hey all-

    Just wondering-What was the result of the colony drop in 0083? If
it hit the North American wheat fields, was it supposed to destroy a
large part of Earth's food production or something? That explanation
might seem to fall in line with the old "everyone must leave Earth"
idea. I haven't seen much of Z or ZZ, so I don't know what the
consequences of the drop were.

Painting- Ok, I broke down and bought the "Gundam vs. Zaku II" kit and
put them both might think I am crazy, but I didn't glue
them as they seemed quite secure without it. Also, I don't know how to
go about painting them. I have painted many, many metal miniatures and
a few plastic tanks, etc. But how does one go about painting MS?
Especially when the plastic is molded to be the right colors? I was
thinking of a few ink washes or something to bring out the
detail..anyone have an MS painting guide?



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