garrick lee (
Mon, 23 Aug 1999 20:09:29 PHT

> >Get both if you love the Mk-II. If you don't paint and can live without
> >the G-Defensor, get the Titans Mk-II. White Gundams get boring quick.
> >A dark blue Gundam looks much cooler.

i just got the titans version. i decided i can live without the g-defensor.
  (not to mention that it was just a bit over half the price of a super

> I think the Titan Blue is really "off", and needs repainting
>Still, like you said, a nice change -- too bad I like my Gundams white. =)

uhrm...i think i'd like a purple gundam. :)

> Not to mention it has a habit of coming off -- I wonder if ay Mk.
>ever shot itself in the torso when the damn thing fell off, or like -Z-
>implies, shoot itself in the left shoulder. =)

to pick a nit...wouldn't the vulcans be recoil-less in that day and age (of
beam weapons and mobile suits!) ? need to worry about the
head moving left everytime the headphones fired?


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