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>>Good question: is the ability for it to be modular a weight factor at all?

>The ability to dismount or discard a weapon in the field is always a plus
>to anyone who has to carry it. As to the expense, well, in the long run,
>you pay more for ammo and other designated "expendables" than you do for
>the gun. You don't want to excourage the practice of discarding weapons
>when they become a liability, but you do want to have the option.
>When you fire a missile, that's a million bucks gone whether you hit the
>target or not. You hope the target is worth as much or more than the
>missile even for those that you hit, but "worth" is measured in strategic
>and tactical value as well as monetary cost. Warfare is not economical for

>anyone but arms dealers.
>Anyone who plays "penny wise and pound foolish" on the battlefield deserves

>what they get, which is to be outfought by someone with there eyes on the

I'm not encouraging being a spendthrift either on weapons...that is a sure way
to be beaten. but, in my country's experience, it is better not to discrad
of weapons which can and will be used against you later. modular weapons which
may be refitted at the base or in a tech-depot is always a plus, but something
which can be removed in the battlefield is something i feel uncomfy about.
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