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Just look at the name/meaning of Gundam. First off, Tomino wanted to call
it Gunboy but it sounded too immaturish. So he called it Gundom; dom means
to protect. However, it wasn't "powerful" enough, so he took "dam" which
is a barrier which protects rushing water from villages/towns. So the
Earth is a symbolic version of a village and Gundam is the "dam"/protector.
 Gundam is simply something which protects the truth/humanity/or justified
rights of life.

>> but would those truly be GM's or are they Gundams? I no that GM usually
>> means General Model, so every one has them but a Refined GUNDAM Zeta???
>Also, a mass produced Gundam is still a Gundam, even if there's tons of the
>Gundam being made. Even mass-produced, if its called Gundam, its Gundam
and a
>Gundam can't be classified, as a GM. Now, if they ever come out with a
>with GM in its name, that would be a different story. Aren't Gundams, even
>mass-produced, usually better then a GM? (Going in a totally different
>direction, now)From what I gather from watching a little 08th MS Team and F
>91, a Gundam represents power, protection, and superiority, compared to a GM
>or other nonGundam MS in Gundam. In Wing, though, the Gundam is regarded
as a
>bad guy, by some people in Wing, my memory could be wrong, though. Then,
>puts what a Gundam represents, totally out of whack. What a Gundam
>represents, for me, depends on its pilot's. A Gundam is a machine,
>it either stands for good, evil or in-between, depending on what the pilot
>uses the Gundam for.
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