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> I don't recall ever seeing a Guncannon carry "hand"
> weapons (beam guns, sabers, etc.) -- did they ever
> equip the Guncannon with "sidearms" or was it always

> used strictly for support and restricted to its twin

> cannon?

Hmm... so you are counting RX-77-2's beam rifle. Okay,
I don't recall seeing (on TV, movies, OVAs, etc)
Guncannon of any sort (the RX77 series from 0079 and
0080; RGC-83 "GM Cannon" from 0083, etc) was holding a
machine gun, beam spray gun, or even a beam sabre, but
according to many Gundam reference books, the small
guns are optional whereas the some of them have
build-in beam sabres.

Why couldn't the animators create a scene such as
melee between a Guncannon (w/ beam sabre) & a Zaku
Cannon (w/ a heat hawk picked up from a destroyed Zaku
nearby). This will certainly be a spectacle.

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