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>What about the first (second?) episode of MS Gundam where Amuro rips the
>'mouthpiece' off? He apparently knocks the main camera out, but the Pilot
>states that his sub-camera is still functional. The 'eye' was not lit up, but
>maybe there is another camera package in the head or along the monoeye track?

True, but it appears that it's still all head-mounted -- decapitate an MS
and the pilot is blind.

None of the schematics that I normally use for reference show any of these
sub-cameras. For that matter, the Gundam schematics call out the main
camera, but do not indicate optics in the Gundam's nominal "eyes". Yet we
see the Gundam aiming the beam rifle by aligning the eye with the scope on
the gun. We even see the Gundam peeking through the slot in the shield
with the eyes. But it's clear from the way Kozun took down the Gundam
during Sayla's sortie that the main screen goes when the "mohawk" main
camera goes.

Wouldn't it be nice if there were some consistent continuity in this regard?


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