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What about the first (second?) episode of MS Gundam where Amuro rips the Zaku's
'mouthpiece' off? He apparently knocks the main camera out, but the Pilot
states that his sub-camera is still functional. The 'eye' was not lit up, but
maybe there is another camera package in the head or along the monoeye track?

Joaquin Torres

-Z- wrote:

> The Zeon MS run everything through the monoeye, which has a 180 field of
> view forward on most MS and up to 360 field of view on some of the later
> models.
> Blow the head off the MS and you effective blind the pilot, unless he
> chooses to pop the cockpit and engage the Mark I Eyeball. MS may also be
> temporarily blinded by overloading the sensors with a spotlight, flare or
> floodlight.
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