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>> but would those truly be GM's or are they Gundams? I no that GM usually
>> means General Model, so every one has them but a Refined GUNDAM Zeta???
>Also, a mass produced Gundam is still a Gundam, even if there's tons of the
>Gundam being made. Even mass-produced, if its called Gundam, its Gundam and a
>Gundam can't be classified, as a GM. Now, if they ever come out with a Gundam
>with GM in its name, that would be a different story. Aren't Gundams, even
>mass-produced, usually better then a GM?

Again, a GM is, by definition, a mass-production Gundam -- standardized and
economized, without the bells and whistles and "everything but the kitchen
sink" extras of the "prototype" Gundam. Remember, the Japanese have a
different notion as to what constitutes a prototype. In America, it's a
proof of concept with a minimum of features, a test model that embodies
only those elements that make it a new design. In Japan, it's a best of
breed with a maximum of features, an archetype that embodies everything the
design can support.

The RX-79(G) Gundam Ground Unit is not a mass-production model. It's a
"mass production precede type" -- a limited edition of a mission-specific
variant of the Gundam prototype. The RGM-79(G) GM Ground Unit was a
limited run of an equally mission-specific variant of the mass-production


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