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>>Not only more rounds, but quicker and easier to reload -- and, although we
>>never see it, it's possible that the MS could carry spare ammo cassettes
>>and reload the Vulcan on the fly.
>>There's also the "mission profile" angle to consider. The RX-78 Gundam
>>always had to lug the mass of the Vulcan around, whether the mission
>>required it or not -- the ammo could be left out, but not the gun itself.
>>The RX-178 Gundam Mk-II can dispense with the gun pod and the mass of both
>>gun and ammo altogether or discard the gun pod when it runs out of ammo.
>Good question: is the ability for it to be modular a weight factor at all?
> I mean considering the gundam itself and the size of the headphones, is
>the weight consideration a factor? Also, I can understand reloading and
>mission profile, but no way would I discard a gun that can be reworked to
>be part of something used against me...and if the pod carries self-destruct
>explosives, i think it would be too expensive...the modular idea would have
>then failed partially.

The ability to dismount or discard a weapon in the field is always a plus
to anyone who has to carry it. As to the expense, well, in the long run,
you pay more for ammo and other designated "expendables" than you do for
the gun. You don't want to excourage the practice of discarding weapons
when they become a liability, but you do want to have the option.

When you fire a missile, that's a million bucks gone whether you hit the
target or not. You hope the target is worth as much or more than the
missile even for those that you hit, but "worth" is measured in strategic
and tactical value as well as monetary cost. Warfare is not economical for
anyone but arms dealers.

Anyone who plays "penny wise and pound foolish" on the battlefield deserves
what they get, which is to be outfought by someone with there eyes on the


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