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>These are not GMs by any stretch of imagination:
>>Well, there's the
>>RX-75 Guntank (MSG)
>>RB-79 Ball (MSG)
>>RB-79K Ball (08th)

He was making a literal interpretation of "mass-produced" Federation MS, I

On the other hand, the RX-77 Guncannon series could be considered an
honorary GM, since it's physically quite similar (humanoid, goggle-eyed,
etc.) and was later mass-produced, especially in light of the merger of the
two lines in the RGC-80 GM Cannon series.

I don't recall ever seeing a Guncannon carry "hand" weapons (beam guns,
sabers, etc.) -- did they ever equip the Guncannon with "sidearms" or was
it always used strictly for support and restricted to its twin cannon?


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