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><< RGZ-91a ReGZ
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>but would those truly be GM's or are they Gundams? I no that GM usually
>means General Model, so every one has them but a Refined GUNDAM Zeta???

"General Model" is a fannish invention coined by those who couldn't accept
"Gundam Mass-produced" -- but, if you look at the specs, the only
difference between the Gundam and the GM is the lack of the Core Block
System, the distinctive head design (with attendant sensor array) and the
selection of sidearms.

Oh, and "pilot magic" -- put Amuro in a GM and he'd survive to find himself
a Newtype just fine in situations that'd kill anyone else.

But I agree with you that the ReGZ is not a Zeta GM, but more a Zeta
variant like the ZetaPlus. It's been "economized" and put into limited
production but not mass-produced, something akin to the RX-78(G) Gundam
Ground Type in 08MST.


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