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>>i have a question about the RX-178 Mk. II Gundam. since I don't know
>>much about it, and I haven't watched Zeta yet, why did the Mk. II have a
>>headphone vulcan?
>According to the MG kit manual, IIRC, this arrangement allows it to carry
>more rounds.

Not only more rounds, but quicker and easier to reload -- and, although we
never see it, it's possible that the MS could carry spare ammo cassettes
and reload the Vulcan on the fly.

There's also the "mission profile" angle to consider. The RX-78 Gundam
always had to lug the mass of the Vulcan around, whether the mission
required it or not -- the ammo could be left out, but not the gun itself.
The RX-178 Gundam Mk-II can dispense with the gun pod and the mass of both
gun and ammo altogether or discard the gun pod when it runs out of ammo.


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