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> This is what happens when you talk to people who don't know how a business
> is run...
> The store that charges $54.95 probably ordered truckloads of these so
> they got them at wholesale cost and could afford to sell at a lower profit
> margin. You think they are making only $9.95 when they are probably making
> $39.95 off you.

I meant they are only chageing $9.95 more then the Japanese price. I know
they are making alomst all the money from selling the item.

  The store that charges $90 is obviously a smaller
> operation that cannot afford to stock cases of these toys, and they
> paid a premium to get the merchandise (i.e. being required by their
> supplier to purchase other junk in order to get the toy).
> While you are buying from the first store and congratulating yourself for
> being a smart shopper, you've just helped make the bigger guy stronger and
> the smaller guy weaker.

I know all this, but there's really no choice, if you want to try to get the
item at the best price possiable or that can be found. I don't have much
money to spend on Gundam, so when I do buy a gundam kit or toy, if possiable,
I must price shop and buy it at the lowest import cost that I can find.
American toys, video games, etc., I don't price shop for, since the stores
charge basically what its supposed to cost, since that stuff is for the
American market and its not imported toys, but you know all that about the
American market.

it is no wonder your local mom and pop shops are
> either shutting down or being eaten up by national chains that operate on
> economy of scale. Welcome to the age of corporate America and the death of
> the American Dream.

I have no local mom and pop shops that deal in Gundam, so I solely have to
relie on Mail Order. I have two comic shops, but they basically just deal in
comics and the only Gundam kits they have, are what's in their latest copy of
Previews. Which, isn't all of Bandai's new or old kits, that are still being

> Eddie

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