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>> Similar situation occured for RX-79(G) Ground
>> Combat Gundam from "The 08th MS Team", where they
>> don't have built-in head vulcans either, and they
>> can also be equipped with an optional valcan pod on

>> left side of head, though it's less dramatic than
>> that of mkII.
> Actually, the RX-79(G) does have a vulcan cannon,
> just one in the chest instead of two in the head.

Don't get me wrong I'm not nitpicking here, but we
were talking about built-in HEAD vulcan, so RX-79(G)'s
chest mounted gatling doesn't count.

> Shiro's RX-79(G)Ez8 (which incidentally is a
> reference to the WWII M4A3E8 Sherman 'Easy Eight')

Have a look to my previous post:

to see the origin of 'Ez8' which, in this case, stands
for "Extra Zero Eight", meaning a special MS assigned
to the 08th MS Team (Shiroh in this case).

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