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>Find a battle axe and scale it up by a factor of ten. (^_^);;

        And then, for MG, scale that down by a factor of 100. (^_^;)

>Scale up by ten and you get a weapon with an overall length of 15 feet
>(4.572 meters), with a 7'6" (2.286 meter) blade mounted on a 5' (1.524
>meter) head.

        So -- roughly 4.5cm long, 1.5cm head, with a blade of length 2.3cm?
Still seems a bit small, compared to what the FZ appears to be carrying..
4.5cm on a MG Zaku means it's about hand-and-half, whereas I recall clearly
that the FZ gripped the heat hawk with a double handed grip..

        For comparison, the equivalent would probably be a double-bladed
axe, sans one blade.. Didn't the Zaku II Desert come standard with a
double-headed heat hawk?

        I'll probably go for a 7cm long heat hawk..

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