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> i have a question about the RX-178 Mk. II Gundam.
> since I don't know
> much about it, and I haven't watched Zeta yet, why
> did the Mk. II have a
> headphone vulcan?

One of prominent facial feature of "Gundam" MS series
is a pair of vulcan guns located on the both side of
the head. They don't do serious harm to the enemies,
but as a last line of defence or hoping for a lucky
hit at enemy, they are handy. For some reason the
original design of Gundam mkII does not includes the
head vulcans, so the Titans add the 'headphone' style
vulcan pod as an optional equipment for mkII. The left
side of the 'headphone' contains 2 gun barrels, where
the right side is for storing ammos.

Similar situation occured for RX-79(G) Ground Combat
Gundam from "The 08th MS Team", where they don't have
built-in head vulcans either, and they can also be
equipped with an optional valcan pod on left side of
head, though it's less dramatic than that of mkII.

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