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<< if ever anime is a bootleg then it is the best bootleg I have
ever seen. But since asia is the bootleg capitol of the world I guess
anything is possible. >>

i agree. the cd i have from ever anime is really good. i've been exposed to
the music industry almost my whole life (my dad owns a music store) and i've
seen good bootlegs. ever anime, if they are boots, are the best i've ever
seen. though they may be $5-$10 cheaper than most import cds, if you think
about, little indie records labels are releasing new cds for $9 domestically.
it's entirely possible that they want to save their customers a couple bucks
so as to keep a good fan base. nevertheless, i'll keep buying them from my
local store. if i'm giving my store a couple extra bucks, so be it, i
appreciate him being there.


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