James L. Ravelo II (jravelo2@pacific.net.ph)
Sat, 21 Aug 1999 09:15:23 +0800

"Y. Choe" wrote:

SM (Son May) happens to be one of the bigger bootleg companies that deals

> with Anime CDs (or at least its one of very few that I am aware. And there
> are others) of some sort. In some cases, the SM CDs may be your only
> choice, especially when you're dealing with older, out of print CDs that is
> about as rare as a Los Angeles Dodgers win nowadays (an exaggeration to be
> sure, but you get the drift). Even then, an astute internet user like
> yourself should not have that much hard time finding these "rare" CDs. In
> fact, I could get my hands on all three volumes of Gundam Singles History
> for about $100 at a local store, but I digress.

gee...in my observation and experience (ALL of my anime CDs are from Sonmay,
courtesy of Comic Alley and CATS...don't flame me for this one, it's not as if
I have an alternative ok?), I don't know yet about the other people in this ML
from the Philippines, but all of the anime CDs I have seen sold here are from

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