Casey Huebner (
Fri, 20 Aug 1999 18:37:44 CDT

>You sure about that? Digital Music and CDs are fairly easy to reproduce.
>For instance, I can download several MP3s off the net, convert them to a
>file then burn them on to a CD-R. For about $1000, one can purchase CD
>duplicator, which can reproduce CDs easily. And the booklets can easily be
>reproduced with a good color copier. In other words, I or anyone else with
>some time can make a seemingly legit CDs for pennies on the dollar.
>SM CDs have reproduced silkscreens and color booklets, also in "high
>quality." Ever Anime I suspect also dupes silkscreens and color booklets.
>In other words, don't trust the legitimacy of CDs from Taiwan--most of the
>time, at least.
>Y. Choe
I know all about mp3's. In fact I'm sitting on about 60 gigs of them right
now. Anyway, if ever anime is a bootleg then it is the best bootleg I have
ever seen. But since asia is the bootleg capitol of the world I guess
anything is possible.

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