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>>The RX-78 Gundam has an overall height of 18.5 meters (60.7 feet),
>Where did you get that from? It's been 18.0 meters since the show
>started, unless someone tampered with the stats recently.

Burke Rukes' Big List O' Gundam Mecha.

Type: Prototype close combat mobile suit
Overall height: 18.5 meters
Head height: 18.0 meters
Base weight: 43.4 tons
Full weight: 60.0 tons

Burke distinguishes between head height and overall height wherever
possible. If you measure the Gundam's from head to toe, it's 18.0 meters
tall. If you factor in the V antenna and the hilts of the beam sabers
sticking up from the backpack, it's 18.5 meters.

Burke also gives the full and empty weights of the MS.

Whenever I was weighed and measured for official military records, it was
while I was stripped down -- my "actual" measurements, if you will. But
during a typical day in uniform, I wore boots with inch-thick soles and a
hat that added enough overhead to require ducking under awnings and such.

We already know that Bandai fudges the scaling factors. A true scale model
would reflect the overall height, not just the head height.

Of course, these are models of things that don't actually exist, so they'll
never be totally "accurate" with regard to even these minimal specifications.


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