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>Same thing in 08MST. The heat hawks seen there, were at least of a
>threatening size. Anybody knows how big is a heat hawk suppose to be?

Find a battle axe and scale it up by a factor of ten. (^_^);;

Seriously, a heat hawk is simply a single-bitted battle axe that has been
scaled up tp match the humanoid MS. Despite it's name, the heat hawk isn't
modeled on the tomahawk (from the Algonquin "tomahak") -- the latter is a
throwing weapon as well as a slashing and chopping weapon, so it has a
smaller head and a longer handle than the European axe.

The heat hawk appears to follow the same pattern as the Teutonic battle axe
seen at meetings of the Society for Creative Anachronism. This usually has
a length of about 18 inches (457.2 mm) with the iron head comprising about
a third of that length -- 6 inches (152.4 mm). The blade extends down half
again the span of the head, about half the overall length -- 9 inches
(228.6 mm).

Scale up by ten and you get a weapon with an overall length of 15 feet
(4.572 meters), with a 7'6" (2.286 meter) blade mounted on a 5' (1.524
meter) head.


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