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> SM (Son May) happens to be one of the bigger bootleg companies that
> deals
> with Anime CDs (or at least its one of very few that I am aware.
> And there
> are others) of some sort. In some cases, the SM CDs may be your

Hm. Does Ever Anime ring a bell for you? Was in Chinatown Centre
(Toronto) yesterday and picked up Gundam Concert 91, X Side 2 and Brain
Powerd Vol2 (*that* is a good CD, BTW) all for $10cdn each (bumped down
from $13; we'd spent half an hour trying to decide which one or two CDs
to buy and he just wanted us to leave, I think *grins*), which is even
cheaper than the prices you listed. All three of them are (c)1998-9, Ever
Anime... (here was also X Side 3 and a whole whack of Gundam Fight CDs.
What are those? Is that a game?) But then, he was also selling all of his
J CDs for $13. I'll have to go back and get those two B'z albums... =)

I also picked up a Hardy Gun yesterday to continue my GM fetish. I like
it! It's got the smoothest articulation I've seen in a Gundam model yet,
but granted I've seen very few.

- dom (the gnome who eschews the glamour of gundams for the practicality
of GMs)

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