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Lim Jyue <> wrote on Thursday August 19, 1999
at 8:21pm:

> One gripe I have about the MG Zaku F/J is that the heat hawk
>supplied is really puny -- more a small hatchet than a true axe.

I don't think that it's a problem exclusive to the MG kit. The 08MST
Zaku also has a puny heat hawk. Not too sure about the PG Zaku though.

> From 0080, when Bernie goes up against Chris with his heat
>hawk, we can see that his axe is truely *HUGE*! Easily a two-handed
>hawk, rather than the puny hand-and-a-half axe the F/J comes in.

Same thing in 08MST. The heat hawks seen there, were at least of a
threatening size. Anybody knows how big is a heat hawk suppose to be?

Jorge Lee.

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