Y. Choe (cmaster@ucla.edu)
Fri, 20 Aug 1999 01:38:32 -0700

> I don't intend to order these, but www.joysjapanimation.com has SM CDs of
> some Gundam Soundtracks. I read their info, but aren't SM CDs pirated?
> why I am not ordering them. Is it okay to ask about this on the ML? If
> then I am sorry in advance for bringing it up.

In one word, bootleg.

SM (Son May) happens to be one of the bigger bootleg companies that deals
with Anime CDs (or at least its one of very few that I am aware. And there
are others) of some sort. In some cases, the SM CDs may be your only
choice, especially when you're dealing with older, out of print CDs that is
about as rare as a Los Angeles Dodgers win nowadays (an exaggeration to be
sure, but you get the drift). Even then, an astute internet user like
yourself should not have that much hard time finding these "rare" CDs. In
fact, I could get my hands on all three volumes of Gundam Singles History
for about $100 at a local store, but I digress.

A lot of US Anime Stores have SM CDs for about $15-$25 dollars, a ripoff
considering you can get the originals for about $5-$15 more in most cases.
Of course, the stores that sells SM CDs for $15-$25 gets almost 100%
profit--you could have ordered these CDs direct from SM for about $8.50 if
my memory serves me right (that was a quite awhiles back, at least 3 odd
years ago).

Or in Gundam Model terms: it's like buying a Academy or Bondi Bootleg Kits.
It's not quite right if you know what I mean...

Y. "Don't Bootleg me, I'm an original!" Choe

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