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> The Gundam was intended to approximate a 10:1 scale
> human form, based on an "average" height of 6 feet
> (72 inches = 182.88 cm). The overall height also
> includes the trademark V antenna, however, hence the

> extra altitude. (^_^);;

I always find the height measurement of mechas an
interesting aspect not just in anime world but also in
other areas, such as: the height of Mickey Mouse and
other cartoon rodent characters includes the tip of
its ears, while birds characters include the top of
their hairs, etc. For RX-78s, the V-antenna is part of
the body but one is tempted to count its height up to
the top of its 'mohawk' sensor. Similar situation
arise for the Zeon's commander MS, with the
arrow-style commander antenna on top of head.

For 08's Gundam Ez8, the problem solved by replacing
the V antenna with traditional rod antenna on
right-side of its head, so its mohawk is the top.

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