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        Hi all.

        One gripe I have about the MG Zaku F/J is that the heat hawk
supplied is really puny -- more a small hatchet than a true axe.

        From 0080, when Bernie goes up against Chris with his heat hawk, we
can see that his axe is truely *HUGE*! Easily a two-handed hawk, rather than
the puny hand-and-a-half axe the F/J comes in.

        So I thought, maybe I should scratch-build a bigger heat hawk for my
F/J. The question is, does anyone here have the dimensions for the FZ's heat
hawk handly? Otherwise I'll have to go back to the OVA and guesstimate the size.

        Also, any suggestions on how to go about building the heat hawk? I
was thinking of using a plastic rod for the shaft, and maybe comic backing
board (as plasticard is a bit hard to find here) as the blade. Of course,
I'll need to paint this sucker...


Lim Jyue
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