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> >Can anyone break this down and tell what the cost is of the import tax and
> >other fees?
> As far as I know model kits are not subject to import tax, but action
> figures or dolls are.
> >I have seen the chogokin Gundam go for anywhere from $54.95 to
> >$90 on the American stores on the Internet.
> They got to make some profit if they want to stay in business...

Yeah, I know, but when the toy's about $45 in Japan and $90 in the US, see
what I mean? That's an almost $45, (plus the $45 for the toy) profit on a toy
sold for $45 in Japan!!. I know there's fees, taxes, etc. but that's
excessive!. $54.95 is an good price, its only $9.95 more, then $45, which
makes $54.95 a super, good price. I can take $9.95 mark up, but not a $45
mark up! Boy, am I glad I price shop, before buying! All I can say is: Thank
God for the Internet! :) Then, theres the shipping cost...


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