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> >My Mazinger Z is about 7 inches tall. I don't know his size relatative to
> >1/144 scale though. So, the chogokin is about 4 - 5 inches tall, then? How
> >fragile is the chogokin Gundam? Does anyone know? I heard its kind of
> fragile
> >and breaks easy, is this true?
> There's an old Bandai kit of the Mazinger Z which was reissued recently.
> The box is the same as the 1:144 FG kit, and on the box I think it did say
> the kit was in 1:144 too.
> The new chogokin Gundam is over 5 inches tall, although a true 1:144 scale
> Gundam should stand slightly under 5 inches.
> The only fragile part that I can see on the chogokin Gundam I can say is
> the waist (Core Module) area. These were clip-on parts to the torso
> because of concessions made for it to bend the uppertorso around. If you
> twist the torso too much these clip-on red parts for the Core Module may
> pop off. They could have also used a polycap recepticle on the backpack
> where the shield connects, but the toy is otherwise durable and incredibly
> posable (more posable than any MG Gundam kit, and less loose joints, too!).
> They even made some parts with soft rubber instead of hard plastic so they
> wouldn't break even if you dropped the toy. How can someone say this is
> fragile I do not know.

It doesn't sound fragile to me. I've dealt with worse a Core Fighter system
in the MG GP-01, which is laying in a box, waiting to be reassambled when I
feel like fixing it.

> >> anyway..the Chogoking gundam looks worth the money for its weapons, not
> for
> >> the gundam itslef, I will have to admit.
> >
> >I noticed that, too. Its head doesn't look as cool or something that I
> t
> >put my finger on, compared to the other kits or pictures of the RX-78.
> >V-fin's slightly smaller then usual and the new chogokin doesn't look as
> >"don't mess with me" as the other kits or pics of the RX-78. I'm still
> buying
> >one. It will probably look fine once I hold it in my hands. I think the
> >chogokin Gundam's proportions are supposed to be accurate, though.
> This toy is completely old school as far as design and details go. It is
> an accurate replica of the original design, and contains none of the non-
> sense details and redesigns introduced by Katoki and Okawara for the HG,
> and PG kits. The tradeoff is the head doesn't has the new cool look
> A true nostalgic piece, that doesn't try to get an "updated cool look" to
> attract the kiddies who weren't even born when the original series aired.
> Eddie

That's what I was thinking, that's the reason for the look. Its the orginial
look, which is fine with me.


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