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>>My Mazinger Z is about 7 inches tall. I don't know his size relatative to
>>1/144 scale though. So, the chogokin is about 4 - 5 inches tall, then? How
>>fragile is the chogokin Gundam? Does anyone know? I heard its kind of
>>and breaks easy, is this true?
>There's an old Bandai kit of the Mazinger Z which was reissued recently.
>The box is the same as the 1:144 FG kit, and on the box I think it did say
>the kit was in 1:144 too.

Yes, I've seen that kit. it is in 1/144.

>The new chogokin Gundam is over 5 inches tall, although a true 1:144 scale
>Gundam should stand slightly under 5 inches.

I wouldn't complain in this case...a true 1/144 would have been too small
to hold, as it were. I am thankful that it is slightly larger.

>The only fragile part that I can see on the chogokin Gundam I can say is
>the waist (Core Module) area. These were clip-on parts to the torso
>because of concessions made for it to bend the uppertorso around. If you
>twist the torso too much these clip-on red parts for the Core Module may
>pop off. They could have also used a polycap recepticle on the backpack
>where the shield connects, but the toy is otherwise durable and incredibly
>posable (more posable than any MG Gundam kit, and less loose joints, too!).
>They even made some parts with soft rubber instead of hard plastic so they
>wouldn't break even if you dropped the toy. How can someone say this is
>fragile I do not know.

hmmmm...I was thinking in terms of roughplay, as in kids style roughplay,
not collector's style rough play. that is always what I base toy
durability at...anything which doesn't pass I consider collector's stuff.

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