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> It's roughly the size of a 1/144 Gundam. BTW, it seems that the SOC series
> are all 1/ there any proof to this?

My Mazinger Z is about 7 inches tall. I don't know his size relatative to
1/144 scale though. So, the chogokin is about 4 - 5 inches tall, then? How
fragile is the chogokin Gundam? Does anyone know? I heard its kind of fragile
and breaks easy, is this true?

> anyway..the Chogoking gundam looks worth the money for its weapons, not for
> the gundam itslef, I will have to admit.

I noticed that, too. Its head doesn't look as cool or something that I can't
put my finger on, compared to the other kits or pictures of the RX-78. The
V-fin's slightly smaller then usual and the new chogokin doesn't look as
"don't mess with me" as the other kits or pics of the RX-78. I'm still buying
one. It will probably look fine once I hold it in my hands. I think the
chogokin Gundam's proportions are supposed to be accurate, though.


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