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>it's the G gundams which are, thanks to the
>> >the show itself being televised roight now.
>uh...hmm...imx, the g gundams aren't moving terribly fast either.
>but it could be just me and my erroneous observations.

well, the only thing outselling them are the EW special kits.

>but the show just kicked off this week so...could take some time for the
>kids to persuade their parents to buy the kits. not that they're
>particularly nice to look at. ugh. the shining gundam seems to be the most
>serious design, and it doesn't impress me. it's bland and pedestrian. and
>i just saw the gundam rose on tv today. no comments :P

I actually like the Gundam's so ridiculously pansy-like.

>i'm taping g gundam off tv, but still can't make up my mind whether or not i
>like the show -- i'll say two things though: g gundam certainly adheres more
>to the "big eyes small mouth" stereotype of anime and that rubs me the wrong
>way. second, it's only the 4th episode and i'm already tired of seeing
>dommon kosshu's shining gundam warm-up sequence. it's slick, flashy and
>"cool", but i actually prefer daimos' sequence...for some unfathomably
>stupid reason...

Well, the daimos guy had flashes of electricity to go with the
tranformation...the Ggundam people have to go through a plastic bag holder,

>>Should I say people have no taste, or that they don't know the good stuff
>>even if it bites them on the ass?
>>I think price is the only factor here. People are either cheap or can't
>>afford the pricy stuff. When you can get 3 MSiA figures for the price of
>>a MG Dom or chogokin kadosenshi, people go for quantity not quality
>people are cheap. you hit it squarely, eddie. i prefer to choose the words
>"stingy" and "inexpensive" though. :P

NAAHHHHH. People are CHEAP. Seriously, though, G gundam appeals to the
KIDS. Not us serious people.

>methinks the market for the serious model kit builder here (philippines) is
>mighty small. we're a third world country after all. most of the kits
>(mostly 1/144) out there get chomped up by kids. or guys like me who use
>1/144 scale to practice panel lines and paint before hitting the 1/100.

On the mistaken notion that they are action figures...which the salespeople
do not say. I get apoplectic fits when i see a kid of about twelve years
old buy an MG kit. even worse, I now see them pushing the MSiA toys as
"cheap" toys, and the kits as "good toys". ARGH.

>my observations come from what i overhear when kids go toy-buying (in this
>case, gundam) with parents.
>"but you just bought one last week!"
>"but it's the same as the one you bought last time!" (referring to different
>tallgeese versions)
>"they're all the same!" (looking at all the z and zz and zplus kits)
>parents...they're like...different species of animals or something.

HAHAHAH! I hear that also, but then they all glare at me when i start to
rifle through the stock, like I'm setting up a bad example for their
kids...hey, it's not my fault they didn't train their kid to be content
with whatever's given to, I pay for my kits myself!

>either that OR, everyone here is so wrapped up in the voltes v revival to
>notice gundam. t-shirts, socks, shoes, and all possible incarnations of
>voltes v are everywhere. it's _almost_ pathetic. (even more boggling that
>voltes v is labelled as "the greatest anime to hit philippine tv", but it's
>only because that's the only anime that the masses seem to know about). and
>i gotta say, the disco version of voltes v opening song is the pits.

Unfortuantely, Voltes V IS the greatest to hit Philippine tv screens. I've
heard rumors, though that after Ggundam will be endless waltz, then after
that will be the original series, followed by z and ZZ..ONE CAN ONLY HOPE.

>is it any surprise then, that the dom and the more "quality" kits aren't
>moving as fast as gundam afficionados think they should?
>i speak only for my country's market...dunno about markets elsewhere.
>i just want my die-cast valkyrie and i can die a happy schmuck.

I want someone to give a combattler V free to me, then I'd be happy, LOL!

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