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>> I like that chogokin Gundam set a lot, especially
>> it can do all kinds of fantastic poses & comes with
>> all the accessories shown in the "0079" TV/movies.
>> However, this kit has more plastic than "chogokin",
>> and it may disappoint those who yearn for a 70's
>> style, (almost) fully-metal chogokin Gundam. The
>> price for this chogokin Gundam is now plunged to as

>> low as US$35.90 in Hong Kong, compares to the
>> initial asking price of US$50.00 about a month ago.
>> So there you have it.
>> ===
>> Nightingale
> US$35 for the "chogokin" Gundam!!!! I was just in
> Hero's Club in San Francisco today and they were
> trying to sell me one for US$90!!!! Any way I
> could get one at that price?
> -James

That's the dilemma for North American customers, who
have to pay for extra import tax, other fees, etc. As
I mentioned before, this "chogokin" Gundam has more
plastic than metal, so you should ask the salesperson
to let you examine the kit first before you decide to
empty your wallet.

The height of the chogokin Gundam is approx. 12.5cm,
very close to the 1:144 scale stated on its boxcover.

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