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>>I like that chogokin Gundam set a lot, especially it
>>can do all kinds of fantastic poses & comes with all
>>kinds of accessories shown in the "0079" TV/movies.
>>However, this kit has more plastic than "chogokin",
>>and it may disappoint those who yearn for a 70's
>>style, (almost) fully-metal chogokin Gundam. The price
>>for this chogokin Gundam is now plunged to as low as
>>US$35.90 in Hong Kong, compares to the initial asking
>>price of US$50.00 about a month ago. So there you have
>US$35 for the "chogokin" Gundam!!!! I was just in Hero's Club in San
>Francisco today and they were trying to sell me one for US$90!!!! Any way I
>could get one at that price?

yah, the damn thing ain't moving here in the Philippines either, with
people buying the MS in Action more than anything else...would ya believe
the Dom ain't moving either? it's the G gundams which are, thanks to the
the show itself being televised roight now.

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