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> >>Would you expect any less from Yoko Kanno as the composer for the series?
> >>We are talking about top talent here.
> >
> >Unfortunately he sounded like he was beginning to recycle his past work
> >from, say, Escaflowne...
> Yoko Kanno is a woman. Same Yo-ko kanji as Yoko Ono, if I'm not mistaken.
> And, although she most often turns to others, such as Gabriela Robin, for
> the vocals on her compositions, you can hear her singing "Butterfly" on the
> Brain Powerd OST and "Santi-U" on Macross Plus.

I don't think I ever saw her name in Kanji. All I saw is "Yo-ko" in
hiragana, both for the "yo" and "ko" part. That kanji-less given name
seems very fashionable recently.

Jim Huang

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