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This just in:

Mobile Suit SD Gundam: Kochira Mackenzie Detective Office (1991.5.16, King
Star Child KICA 48) 74 minutes for ¥3000

Thanks to Mark Simmons, I'm now in possession of this three-act radio
drama, with four original BGM tracks and seven original songs, which I have
yet to decipher or translate fully. I first became aware of this item
circa 1993, when I found the CD cover painting in Haruhiko Mikimoto
Illustrations. This consists of five poses of Chris Mackenzie, each
showing a different aspect of her personality, with a young man in the
background peeking over his Wayfarer sunglasses in "I'm too cool for words"
style, whom I took to be a more grown-up edition of Al Izuruha. I figured
this had to take place around UC 0085, when Chris would be 27 and Al 15.

Guess again. It's Hathaway Noah! The disc is even subtitles "Chris &

The full cast list is Chris, Hathaway, Okachiyama, Camille, Sara, Quess and
Okama 13. That's right. In addition to Chris Mackenzie and Hathaway Noah,
we also have Camille Vidan and Sara Zabiarov of Z Gundam and Quess Paraya
of CCA.

I can't for the life of me figure out when it's supposed to take place but,
then again, this is an SD Gundam production, so anything goes. It came out
some time between Knight Gundam and Gundam Odyssey and, somehow, even the
F91 fits into it somewhere.

Let's see. Chris was born circa UC 0058, Hathaway circa UC 0080, Camille
11 Nov 0069, Sara circa 0073 and Quess circa 0081. Hathaway's at least 15
-- he packs an automatic pistol in the SD back cover illo -- so the
earliest this could take place is UC 0095, a couple of years after CCA.
(Never mind that both Sara and Quess are dead by then!) OK, Quess was
alive in 0092, but then Hathaway'd only be 12. (And Sara'd still be dead!)
 Either way, Chris'd be over 35, but the Mikimoto illo still has her
looking 20-something.

Uh, let me get back to you on this one, OK?

Another interesting item. Track 9 is titled "What do you want? II" and
sounds like a remix of the second track from Dirty Pair: Love Songs
(1990.1.21, King Star Child KICA 2), the OST from the second DP movie,
Flight 005 Conspiracy, titled (what else?) "What do you want?". Why it's
there, I don't know, unless Chris and Hathaway are having the same effect
on property values as the DP….

Thanks, Mark! Totally unexpected and totally welcome! I owe you ¥3500!


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