Mark Kuettner (
Wed, 18 Aug 1999 14:02:43 PDT

> >>Now the question is... WHY? Why this design, when you have many more
> >>distinguished designs out there that deserves the HGUC treatment more
> >>than this... thing?
> >>
> >>Eddie
> >
> >Eddie, you should know this. Anything Zaku these days sells.
> >Think of all the other MS's out there that deserve to be made into
> >Master Grade kits, and Bandai makes...Zaku I kits? Come on...yes, the
> >MG line is total retro, but enough with the Zaku's already!
>Dude, I'd rather have HGUC Zaku Cannon, MSV Desert Zaku, or even a
>Zaku Filpper than the Zaku III!

Mmmm...rather mediocre designs in comparison to Z3's design. The in-
creased shoulder armor, great backthrusters, flared legs and overall
massiveness make it a much more interesting Zaku than it's previous
incarnations...but hey, apples and oranges.....:)

> >Ironically, I like the Zaku III...more than it's MG relatives. I'm
> >definitely buying this and the Quebley kit, and I hope the HGUC line
> >brings out more of the Zeta kits. It sure doesn't look like the MG
> >line is going to anytime soon (STILL waiting on obvious MG choices
> >like the 100-Shiki and Rick-Dias).
>My theory is that they are saving the Zeta designs until they nearly
>exhaust the 0079 designs. Waiting for the Zeta fans to grow up, get
>decent jobs, and have the purchasing power...

A huge Zeta revival in 6 or 7 years? Maybe they'll actual have the
entire series translated by then =>:)

Mark Kai

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