Mark Kuettner (
Wed, 18 Aug 1999 13:04:27 PDT

> >A face only an engineer's mother could love:
> >
>You can say the same for the butt cover.
>Now the question is... WHY? Why this design, when you have many more
>distinguished designs out there that deserves the HGUC treatment more
>than this... thing?

Eddie, you should know this. Anything Zaku these days sells.
Think of all the other MS's out there that deserve to be made into
Master Grade kits, and Bandai makes...Zaku I kits? Come on...yes, the
MG line is total retro, but enough with the Zaku's already!

Ironically, I like the Zaku III...more than it's MG relatives. I'm
definitely buying this and the Quebley kit, and I hope the HGUC line
brings out more of the Zeta kits. It sure doesn't look like the MG
line is going to anytime soon (STILL waiting on obvious MG choices
like the 100-Shiki and Rick-Dias).

Mark Kai

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