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>> Actually, no. While the 0080 kits for the most part

>> were pretty nice, the Kampher was (like the rest)
>> considered UG. In addition, the Kampher had several
>> problems, mostly having toi do with the color of
>> plastic that it was molded in.
>> Christopher Beilby
> It wasn't only was also about the
> proportions of the thing. very blocky, not as fluid
> as the animation portrayed it to be.

Not to mention most of these early HG kits have big
heads: Zaku FZ, Gelgoog Jaeger and Rick Dom II are the
worst offender. It seems that Bandai are unable to
make a decent "Zak Head", particularly Zaku FZ, which
has the smallest (also the smoothest and
nicest-looking) head from the Zaku II family. The kit
looks like a Darth Vader with the (equally big) German
helmet on...

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