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> Too bad they make more designs for the lame MS in
> Action figures instead of the kickass chogokin
> toys...

I know the "MS in Action" vinyl toys cannot cater
everyone's taste, but they are many times better than
the micro-Gundam toys, in terms of size, posing,
degree of accuracy, and choice of weaponary. The 5th
in the series, MS-09 "Dom", arrives in Hong Kong today
(HK$55.00, or US$7.05). It's more in line with the
Gouf vinyl toys than the previous Gundam & Zakus: it
follow the 0079 Dom's design, with detailed panel
lines and good body proportion won my heart already,
although the bulky chest was a low. Like Gouf, it's a
little short on weapons, with just a hyper-bazooka and
2 heat swords (one with yellow blade and the other
with blue), but it can use all the weapons from the
Zaku & Gouf toys. In short, the "MS in Action" vinyl
toys are worth buying.

I like that chogokin Gundam set a lot, especially it
can do all kinds of fantastic poses & comes with all
kinds of accessories shown in the "0079" TV/movies.
However, this kit has more plastic than "chogokin",
and it may disappoint those who yearn for a 70's
style, (almost) fully-metal chogokin Gundam. The price
for this chogokin Gundam is now plunged to as low as
US$35.90 in Hong Kong, compares to the initial asking
price of US$50.00 about a month ago. So there you have

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