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>I like this Zaku III Kai a lot! Its one awesome looking bad guy, even though
>its kind of ugly. The Marasai is neat too. I'd like to see a HG Kampfer from
>this line. The Kampfer with the full weapon load out, like that SD kit. Now
>that's one evil, but cool looking MS!! We need a new HG Gundam to fight the
>new HG bad guys. Wonder what Gundam will be released as a new HG kit? Cause,
>ya know, sooner or later, Bandai's gotta make a Gundam for this new HG
>series. Anything Gundam, especially, a Gundam itself, seems to make Bandai
>money. BTW, at I think it is, in the "In The News"
>section, it says that the new chogokin Gundam just released, will be
>by the Zaku II, then there will be no more new chogokin toys for Gundam.
>could change of course depending on a number of factor's, including how well
>the Zaku II sales, IMHO.

uhm...I have the old zakuIII, and all I can say is that this baby has way
better proportions, yes, but that the old one somehow catches the sinister
look more...I dunno, it may be just a preference for larger torso areas...

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