Edward Ju (gundam@loop.com)
Wed, 18 Aug 1999 03:33:04 -0700

>I like this Zaku III Kai a lot! Its one awesome looking bad guy, even though
>its kind of ugly. The Marasai is neat too. I'd like to see a HG Kampfer from
>this line. The Kampfer with the full weapon load out, like that SD kit. Now
>that's one evil, but cool looking MS!!

FYI that kit exists... the 1:144 kit from 0080.

>We need a new HG Gundam to fight the
>new HG bad guys. Wonder what Gundam will be released as a new HG kit? Cause,
>ya know, sooner or later, Bandai's gotta make a Gundam for this new HG

Why? The point of HGUC kits seems to be to upgrade the kits that will
never be released as a MG kit. Right now it seems like every Gundam will
eventually become a MG kit, so there's no point in releasing them in the
HGUC line, not to mention you've already got 4 HG Gundams out.

>Anything Gundam, especially, a Gundam itself, seems to make Bandai

A few words as to that claim: MG Zeta Gundam.

>BTW, at www.cooljapanesetoys.com I think it is, in the "In The News"
>section, it says that the new chogokin Gundam just released, will be followed
>by the Zaku II, then there will be no more new chogokin toys for Gundam. This
>could change of course depending on a number of factor's, including how well
>the Zaku II sales, IMHO.

Although I'd love to have a complete line of chogokin 0079 suits, it looks
like the Zaku II will wrap it up. It just occurred to me that the "cheating"
joints found on the chogokin Gundam wasn't new - it was actually borrowed
from the PG Gundam. So it makes sense that Bandai won't release anymore
chogokin toys after the Zaku II, because there are only 2 PG designs out
there. At most we get a green chogokin Zaku II, but that's about it.

Too bad they make more designs for the lame MS in Action figures instead of
the kickass chogokin toys...


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