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>I don't know how much of this is already common knowledge, but I thought I'd
>mail it through anyway -
>Apparantly, Bandai UK are also looking to bring Gundam into the UK. I spoke
>to the product manager who deals with Gundam today, and they are trying to
>get exposure for Gundam here, starting with importing Gundam Wing models in
>themselves. So I'm told anyhow, they've only started doing this recently, and
>the kits they are bringing in are the very basic (ungraded, I think) 1/144
>G-Wing models, although I'm not sure which.
        This is interesting news. What with Macross out on DVD next
year, me discovering the overlooked gem that is Patlabor on TV and this,
its turning out to be a very good year indeed... ^_^

>They want to broadcast the anime itself, but none of the terrestrial channels
>seem interested in bringing it to a mass market, but they are trying to get
>it onto the digital channels. They would do it on Channel 4, but they would
>put it on at about 1am...(and for those of you who don't know, we only have 5
>terrestrial channels :-)
        Or worse, if its Channel 4. For our cousins across the pond,
Channel 4 broadcast the last two seasons of Babylon 5 at varying times,
but usually after 1:00am in the morning. They also broadcast it at mid
morning on Sundays, which meant lots of cuts.
         The other channel that runs this sort of stuff is BBC2, which
tends to show it at 6:00pm (so that people at works will still be stuck
in traffic, while everyone else will be watching the news), and are very
liberal with the cutting scissors. Buffy the Vampire Slayer and even
Star Trek: TNG have suffered in this way.
        Channel 5 tends to buy anything thats cheap and available, but
its a running joke that no-one ever watches it... ^_^
        It would probably have a better chance on Satellite, but the
Sci-Fi Channel made a complete hack of Moldiver and Tenchi Muyo in order
to fit in advertising. We just can't win, sometimes... ;_;
>In fact, the bloke I was speaking to had the subbed version of 0083 on his
>desk, although he hadn't seen it yet :) At the moment, they are just
>conducting some small scale market research on how to market Gundam, so maybe
>if we bombard them with demands (or just threaten to drop a colony on them
>?), they'll give in :)
>It's some kind of good news at least, although who knows how long it will
>take for it to reach a mass audience. The two anime video companies here
>haven't expressed a huge interest in releasing Gundam in this country, so
>they say, but I don't know if this is true or not.
        I think the best chance for Gundam would be if Bandai did a deal
with Pioneer, like in the US, for distribution. The only drawback to
this is that Pioneer have shown a real reluctance to release anything
subbed in the UK, so we'd probably end up with the dubbed versions.
        Sorry if I sound a bit pessimistic, its just that the UK anime
market is currently somewhat depressed. Although a new company (MVM) has
entered the fray, and we may be seeing DVD releases of a few titles in
future, but when the last big anime release is Fist of the North Star
TV, you can maybe see why imports are so popular in this country these
days... ^_^
        (however, someone just seen Nintendos plans for Pokemon in the
UK for the next year, maybe if they pull it off, it will change a few
attitudes... )

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