Wed, 18 Aug 1999 01:17:32 EDT

> >ok, well, i could definately buy the airbrush (id go with the 470,
> definately
> >at the right price at the place you mentioned) but their compressors ran
> >$170-$1000. that might be a little much for me. i probably will be
> >10-15 models a year. would you still suggest the compressors? also, how
> much do the air cans run on average? thanks a bunch.
> >
> >-mike

    The Aztek Air cans last around 15Min of use I think..(not too sure of
this, haven't been making models for a while because of $). They cost about
$8-9 for the 15oz cans.(remember to uy the same brand aircan as the airbrush
you use).

     As for the compressor issue, I'm still thinking about it myself too. But
What I recommend you do right now is that get the airbrush first and use air
can to paint 1 or 2 models, see how you like using the airbrush? Then follow
Eddie's advice: Think about the future, Do you see your self building kits
couple years from now? Do you want to display your models for others to

    So, if the answer to the above questions are yes, then start saving fund
and pick the right compressor for your airbrush.

Air Brush Action(http://www.airbrushaction.com/) has a nice chart on
compressors if you need info.

> If you can see yourself still building kits and airbrushing them a few
> down the road, a compressor is a must. There is nothing worse than having
> your paint come out wrong because the canned air ran out, forcing you to
> repaint the whole damn kit. Don't spare any expenses if you can afford it,
> the compressor will last longer than you think.
> Eddie

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