garrick lee (
Wed, 18 Aug 1999 13:13:31 PHT

>There should be more exclusives in HK and other Asian countries, I think
>the Phillipines or Singapore got an exclusive too.

hmm...the only special editions i see here (philippines) are the deathscythe
hell and nataku. the ds hell is notoriously available.

to stray a little from the topic...i finally got compelled to paint a model.

i happened to have some leftover spray-paint...and this 1/144 tallgeese III
happened to be molded all in white. since i didn't want an albino mobile
suit, i decided to paint it gold and silver. it's...erhmm...unique, to say
the least.

the movable torso is very nice. but the cannon still remains _awkwardly_
designed. like the dober guns on the first two tallgeeses. it would also
help if they fixed the thrusters onto the back, instead of the shoulders of
the tallgeese. but i'd still take the tallgeese over turn-a design though.

1) why all this about compressors and air-brushes?
2) can you do a decent paint-job with spray-cans?
3) how do you guys paint the small parts which challenge even your eyesight?
  you definitely have to get it on brush...
4) would i then need paint thinners if i stuck to spray cans?


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