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<< Of course as Eddie already pointed out, there is that Compressor issue.
The way I see it is that if you're not that serious of a modeler then the
Airbrush is an luxury and the air can will suit you fine when you don't make
too many models. But if you're at least semi-serious and built at least a
good amount of kits per year then you should seriously think about getting
the Air compressor before the Air cans rack up the bills. >>

ok, well, i could definately buy the airbrush (id go with the 470, definately
at the right price at the place you mentioned) but their compressors ran
$170-$1000. that might be a little much for me. i probably will be building
10-15 models a year. would you still suggest the compressors? also, how much
do the air cans run on average? thanks a bunch.


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