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>> That being said, the first line on the L1 page, reads:
>> "UC: Side 4, which includes Texas colony, is in orbit"
>> Side 4 is in L1 only in the arrangement for Z Gundam and beyond. During
>> the One Year War, Side 4 was in L5 (along with Side 1). Texas Colony was
>> visited during the One Year War and was therefore in L5, not L1.
>Yeah, I forgot about that. Once again, thank you for pointing that out.

I just checked my collection of Side maps in various Gundam references and
found that the Texas colony is definitely located in L1/Side 5 (Ruum
Province) during the One Year War. Apparently, the Texas colony was
damaged during the Ruum Campaign such that the mirrors became locked in
position, subjecting the colony to perpetual daylight, which destroyed the

Oddly, the Side map is Char's Counter Attack Battle Document uses the 1YW
arrangement, not the post-War arrangement. The Side map in Gundam Film
Book 2: Z Gundam Part 2 also uses the 1YW arrangement. They may be trying
to undo the rearrangement that was introduced with Z Gundam but, if so,
they're going to run into a real problem when they come to F91, which is
clearly set in L1 and was described as a rennovated Side 4. On the other
hand, it's called the "Frontier Side" and not explicitly given a number, so
maybe they can gloss overt that.

By the way, the Texas colony reappears in Outer Gundam: Double Fake. Here,
it's being reconstructed in Side 6 (L5)!

I'm sending a copy of this e-mail exchange to the ML.


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