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>> Hey all. My first question, anyone know where I can get the Turn-A
>>opening and closing themes? I'm thinking of buying the soundtrack, but wanna
>>hear those two before I make the purchase.
>The soundtrack CD does NOT contain both the OP and the ED. You missed my
>review of the OST CD. Check the GML archive.

You can order the OP and ED as CD singles from a number of places. One of
them is Tokyo Pop:


If you order from them, yu can expect to pay about US$25, as follows:

----- --- ---- -----
 1 KIDA 179 Turn a Gundam TV Main Theme $11.00
 1 PCDA 1164 Turn A Gundam Ending Theme $8.00

                                                 ItemTotal: $19.00
                                                 Discounts: $0.00
                                                 SubTotal: $19.00
                                                 Shipping: $4.00
                                                 Handling: $1.50
                                                      Tax: $0.00
                                     Total cost of Order: $24.50

Needless to say, I've already ordered them both.


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